Is A Mediation Solution To Your Divorce Right For You?

There is a better path forward through divorce in place of high conflict and often expensive litigation which causes financial devastation and emotional harm to all family members. It is the path of peaceful conflict resolution in which both parties agree to participate by working with, rather than against, each other.

The Divorce Mediation Collaborators (TDMC) is a group of professionals dedicated to working together with couples to navigate the difficult stages of separation and disentanglement of a divorcing couple. Our group consists of a therapist/mediator, an attorney and two accountants. We are located in Ashland, serving couples throughout Jackson and Josephine Counties.

Collaboration refers to the getting together of a group of experts to assist both parties without taking sides. Collaboration also refers to the couples working together toward a common goal; doing what is best for their family via creative solutions. Without collaborative mediation, couples may remain stuck and unable to make decisions about fair division of time with children, decision making for family needs, and support for separate households.

Our collaborators encourage spouses to sit together through a guided and personalized mediation schedule to creatively craft the next phase of your lives. We will also help you develop communication skills to resolve present and future conflicts which customarily arise in divorce, and help you remain mindful of the love and safety your children and extended family deserve even if you no longer live together as a married couple.

Collaborative mediation also allows divorcing couples to address their priorities on their own timelines, rather than those imposed by the court or influenced by expectations derived from other family members. Through mediation, it may be possible for even battling couples to get back on track so that the future years of sharing children, investments, and friendships will not be a constant source of frustration and pain, reopening old wounds, and sacrificing sanity for the sake of “winning at all cost.”