Protecting Rights & Reputations

If you work for a living, you have certain rights in the workplace: the right to be paid at least the minimum wage for all work performed, the right to be free from sexual harassment, the right to receive reasonable accommodation for your disability. There are hundreds of state and federal laws regulating your workplace, and if you are subjected to illegal treatment, we can help.

At Anderson Bradley Krant, we specialize in representing plaintiffs in employment disputes. We handle claims for sexual harassment and wrongful termination, for unpaid minimum and overtime wages, and for discrimination based on sex, religion, race, age, disability or any other protected status. We represent whistleblowers who have suffered retaliation for speaking out. We do not handle workers’ compensation claims, but we can refer you to qualified attorneys at other law firms who handle such cases.

If you are starting a new job and need advice on a proposed employment agreement, we can help. If you are leaving a job and want to negotiate or review a severance package, we can help.

With decades of experience in employment law, we can assist you and advise you on a broad range of workplace issues. Give us a call or send us an e-mail.