Collaborative Mediated Divorce Process And Costs

A traditional divorce involving custody issues can run over $13,000 per party. Often, more money is spent on expert witnesses and custody evaluators, money which could be invested in important educational and self-improvement endeavors or saved for future needs. Sadly, such approach does not teach or model any conflict resolution skills for the participants, but instead encourages attorneys to speak for the parties rather than each party speaking with respect to each other themselves.

In contrast, couples who choose a collaborative mediation approach, and commit to the process wholeheartedly, can obtain agreements and a legal binding judgment of divorce after mediation and counseling for as low as $6,000. This is the case for couples who are open to counseling and self -examination, freely exchange information, and do the work necessary to move the process forward outside of group sessions. Each of the professionals who participate in TDMC has committed to charging a lower than customary rate to our collaborative mediation clients in order to promote the mediation process and allow couples to realize true economic savings.