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Comprehensive Legal Services For Oregonians

With more than 50 years of combined experience in civil business litigation, employment, commercial, real estate and estate planning issues, we are well prepared to help you with your legal needs.

If you are planning for your estate or business, or are involved in a legal dispute, experience matters. A skilled and experienced legal team is critical – a skilled lawyer can help you defend your rights and reach an ideal outcome that preserves your wishes and legal/financial well-being.

Our practice areas include:

Employment Law

Attorney Carolyn A. Anderson is one of the premier employment rights litigators in Southern Oregon. If you are an employer, she will advise you on how to defend against or resolve employment disputes. She also works on behalf of employees in cases involving illegal discrimination and whistle-blowing, sexual harassment, FMLA violations, and minimum wage and overtime claims.

Business Planning, Setup & Litigation

Unfortunately, many people rush into business without the proper advice. Once a dispute arises, they try to address the issue themselves but only make it worse. We help businesses avoid, address, and solve problems when they arise. This area of practice includes:

Diligent Protection Of Area Businesses

Anderson Bradley Krant can help you with your business litigation needs. Whether you are considering filing an action as a plaintiff, or have recently been sued or threatened with suit, we can help you through this difficult process.

As a business owner, you need to attend to your business and not allow your legal concerns to overrun your affairs. At Anderson Bradley Krant, we can meet with you after hours, if needed, to discuss your legal concerns and determine the best course of action. We are willing to work with you to streamline your participation, to allow you to continue focusing on your business priorities. We welcome input and participation in this important and stressful matter. We are responsive to questions from clients, and believe that the best results are achieved when clients receive a clear explanation and have a thorough understanding of the case. Your questions are important to us and help us understand which aspects of a case are most distressing for you. Please call us if you feel you need a business litigation attorney and our approach appeals to you.

Finding Resolution To Commercial Disputes

We can help you determine whether you need to pursue a formal legal action or pursue an administrative remedy for your commercial dispute

We are experienced in handling a variety of commercial disagreements, including employment contract disputes, business owner and operator disputes, non-competition and shareholder disputes, and other types of contract and commercial disputes. We can help you decide if early resolution is possible and explore mediation, arbitration, or negotiations to help you resolve the problem and get on with your business.

In-Depth Risk Analysis For Oregon Businesses

We can assist clients in evaluating the risks presented by certain business activities, and we can help formulate strategies to minimize legal exposure.

Clients may not realize certain business contracts involve more risks than they would otherwise want to assume. Contracts today can be very complicated. We will take the time to help you understand your exposure and the ways you can operate your business to reduce risk exposure. Our attorneys have assisted in conducting seminars to help clients and their employees understand what activities, policies, and procedures should be implemented to reduce exposure. We want to help you avoid litigation through careful planning and consistent company policies.

Customized Strategies For Business Start-Ups

Anderson Bradley Krant can help you with determining an appropriate business entity for your new or existing business and draft the necessary documents to get you started.

There are many types of business entities which may fit your particular needs, depending upon your goals as a business owner or entrepreneur. We can prepare those documents and help get your business up and running. We can also help with the review of proposed documents which have been presented by a prospective business partner or associate. We will suggest modifications where appropriate and help craft a balanced and fair agreement from the onset of your new business.

Detail-Driven Document Reviews

If you have a standard contract you would like to formulate for repeated use in your business, or if you need help on a one-time basis with contract drafting or review, the attorneys at Anderson Bradley Krant can help.

If you have been presented with a contract and would like an attorney to review the proposed document, we can help.

You may also need an attorney to help you determine if you should be considering other ways for you or your business to achieve your legal goals. We can help you explore insurance issues, indemnity agreements, and other contract components that will protect you and your business when used effectively. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Drafting & Reviewing Business Contracts

We can help business owners and individuals who need an attorney to draft or evaluate business or personal contracts.

If you have a contract you have been asked to sign, we are happy to evaluate it for you and discuss your options. We can also draft contracts for use in particular circumstances. Please call us or e-mail us to set up an appointment to discuss your needs. Some contracts can be drafted on a fixed-fee basis, depending upon the complexity of the assignment.

Estate Planning

Planning for your family’s future is unquestionably important. Our consultative approach can help you solve nearly any estate planning issue, including:

The Need For A Will

Many people know they should have a will, but simply never get around to meeting with an attorney to ensure the proper distribution of their estate at the time of death. We can help you draft and finalize a simple or detailed will, to make sure that this important formality has been properly handled.

Parents of young children, recently relocated families, and folks who have potentially outdated wills which no longer fit their current needs are encouraged to contact us. We can help you evaluate your situation and help you decide if a will or other estate planning tools would be the best for you. We offer many will drafting services on a fixed-fee basis. The initial consultation is free for new clients.

Our attorneys can also assist with all necessary filings and provide counsel to Personal Representatives and Administrators of Oregon estates. In addition, we can help you pursue your rights as a beneficiary of an estate through probate litigation.

The Numerous Benefits Of Trusts

Most people have heard about Trusts, and you may want to know more about how a Trust can help with your estate planning needs. We can discuss with you the process of establishing a Trust, and the advantages that a Trust may provide for your beneficiaries when you pass away.

The are several different kinds of Trusts. The right kind for you depends upon your needs and your financial situation. We can explore the options available to you, and help you decide which would be best for transferring your assets after you are gone. Trusts can also provide financial benefits during your lifetime.

People who have moved into Oregon or California from another state may also need to have their previously-established Trusts reviewed and modified if necessary. We can help with amendment of your Trusts. In addition, many Trusts created years ago could use a thorough review.

Not only can we help with the creation of your Trust, we can also help with funding the Trust to ensure that the assets you have (or later acquire) are appropriately transferred into the Trust estate.

Susan is also able to assist if you find yourself in need of litigation counsel for a trust dispute, as a fiduciary, a trust maker or beneficiary.

Many Trusts can be created for a fixed-fee amount depending upon the complexity of the estate and your financial situation. We charge reasonable rates and we would like to discuss your needs with you. Please call or e-mail to set up an appointment. The initial consultation is free for new clients.

The Protection Provided By Powers Of Attorney

Powers of Attorney can help you in circumstances when distance or incapacity may prevent you from taking care of certain financial and legal matters. They are very helpful when transferring after-acquired property into a Trust that has already been established. We can help you decide when you might want to have a Power of Attorney in favor of another person.

Many clients do not know whether and under what conditions they may need a Power of Attorney. We can discuss these issues with you and we are willing to provide the first consultation to you free of charge.

Taking Control Of End-Of-Life Decisions

If you would like to have a say in the type of treatment provided to sustain and prolong your life in the event of an incapacitating illness or injury, we can help you by drafting a Health Care Directive. It is better for you to make these decisions, rather than letting the courts or other third parties make these decisions on your behalf.

Health Care Directives are documents that every adult should have, even if you think your spouse and family “know your wishes.” Health Care Directives can also work with other legal documents, such as Appointments of Guardians and Conservators, to empower the people you want to make financial and care-giving decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so. Please call us if you would like to learn more about the use of these documents and how they can help you. The initial consultation with new clients is free.

Establishing Guardianships & Conservatorships

If you are unable to make competent legal decisions on your behalf, who will? Without a legal document nominating who you would like, the courts could appoint people you may not wish to make such decisions for you. Similarly, if you have young children and you die or become incapacitated, who will care for them and make financial decisions on their behalf? It is better to have a document setting forth your wishes than to leave it up to the courts.

These documents can be drafted separately, or in conjunction with your entire estate planning package, depending upon your wishes and needs. We are happy to discuss your situation. Please call us or send us an e-mail to set up an appointment. The initial consultation with new clients is free.

Susan can also help if you require appointment of a guardian and conservator for your loved one. She handles all types of probate applications, including pursuing and contesting guardian and conservator petitions.

Construction & Real Estate Law

If you are a construction participant, a prospective developer, potential building owner, homeowner or a commercial property owner, we can put our experience to work to help you resolve issues, including:

Thorough Analysis Of Commercial Leases

Susan Bradley Krant can help you with drafting and review of Commercial Property Leases.

If your lease needs updating or revision, we can help make that determination as well. If you are unhappy about an existing lease, we can help you explore your remedies and work with the other party to resolve your concerns. If necessary, we can pursue litigation. We are willing to discuss creative ways for your payment of legal fees in such circumstances, and we can work with you on retainer or on an hourly or fixed-fee arrangement depending on the situation.

Drafting & Reviewing Business Contracts

We can help business owners and individuals who need an attorney to draft or evaluate business or personal contracts.

If you have a contract you have been asked to sign, we are happy to evaluate it and discuss your options. We can also draft contracts for use in particular circumstances. Please call us or e-mail us to set up an appointment to discuss your needs. Some contracts can be drafted on a fixed-fee basis, depending upon the complexity of the assignment.

Evening The Odds For Property Owners

If you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner and you are unhappy with the design or construction of your home or building, Anderson Bradley Krant can help you. We can evaluate whether you may have a remedy in the courts or through other avenues against the designers, contractors, or developers of the building.

Susan Bradley Krant has many years of experience handling construction defect litigation on behalf of building owners, design professionals, contractors, and developers. She can help you determine the best course of action given your particular needs. She can look to the merits of your circumstances and share her balanced perspective, given her experience representing various construction participants.

Susan Bradley Krant is well-versed in handling these often complex cases through utilizing mediation, arbitration, or other informal settlement strategy. She will help contain costs when possible and attempt to achieve early resolution where each side has shown an interest in avoiding the expense and headache of formal litigation. If litigation in the courts is required, she can advise you and represent your interests through this process as well.

Anderson Bradley Krant can work with you to establish a legal fee arrangement which fits your needs, whether it be through a fixed-fee agreement, a contingency arrangement, or mixed hourly and contingency fee payment plan. We are willing to discuss with you creative approaches to funding your legal needs. Please call us if you feel we can be of help. The initial consultation is free for new clients.

We do our best to educate and collaborate with our clients. We take the time to understand your issues and will not dismiss you – we value your trust.

To schedule an initial consultation to discuss any legal issue, including employment litigation, with one of our Jackson County, Oregon, employment litigation attorneys, call 541-488-1225 or email the firm.