Comprehensive Legal Services For Oregonians

With more than 50 years of combined experience in civil business litigation, employment, commercial, real estate and estate planning issues, we are well prepared to help you with your legal needs. If you are planning for your estate or business, or are involved in a legal dispute, experience matters. A skilled and experienced legal team is critical – a skilled lawyer can help you defend your rights and reach an ideal outcome that preserves your wishes and legal/financial well-being. Our practice areas include:

Employment Law

Attorney Carolyn A. Anderson is one of the premier employment litigators in Southern Oregon. If you are an employer, she will advise you on how to defend against or resolve employment disputes. She also works on behalf of employees in cases involving illegal discrimination, whistle-blowing, sexual harassment, medical leave violations and overtime claims.

In-Depth Risk Analysis For Oregon Businesses

We can assist clients in evaluating the risks presented by certain business activities, and we can help formulate strategies to minimize legal exposure.

Clients may not realize certain business contracts involve more risks than they would otherwise want to assume. Contracts today can be very complicated. We will take the time to help you understand your exposure and the ways you can operate your business to reduce risk exposure. Our attorneys have assisted in conducting seminars to help clients and their employees understand what activities, policies, and procedures should be implemented to reduce exposure. We want to help you avoid litigation through careful planning and consistent company policies.

Customized Strategies For Business Start-Ups

Anderson Bradley Krant can help you with determining an appropriate business entity for your new or existing business and draft the necessary documents to get you started.

There are many types of business entities which may fit your particular needs, depending upon your goals as a business owner or entrepreneur. We can prepare those documents and help get your business up and running. We can also help with the review of proposed documents which have been presented by a prospective business partner or associate. We will suggest modifications where appropriate and help craft a balanced and fair agreement from the onset of your new business.

Detail-Driven Document Reviews

If you have a standard contract you would like to formulate for repeated use in your business, or if you need help on a one-time basis with contract drafting or review, the attorneys at Anderson Bradley Krant can help.

If you have been presented with a contract and would like an attorney to review the proposed document, we can help.

Drafting & Reviewing Business Contracts

We can help business owners and individuals who need an attorney to draft or evaluate business or personal contracts.

If you have a contract you have been asked to sign, we are happy to evaluate it for you and discuss your options. We can also draft contracts for use in particular circumstances. Please call us or e-mail us to set up an appointment to discuss your needs. Some contracts can be drafted on a fixed-fee basis, depending upon the complexity of the assignment.