Mediation And Collaborative Divorce

Photo of Susan Bradley Krant

Susan offers mediation services for parties seeking to avoid costly litigation. Susan is Trained as a mediator and Collaborative Practitioner. Whether you need a mediator for a business dispute, property disagreement, breach of contract, or Divorce/Marital Dissolution, Susan can help reach a peaceful settlement.

Susan specializes in Divorce Mediations working with an independent CPA helping spouses reach resolution of property division and parenting issues… Read More

What Is Collaborative Mediation For Divorce?

Mediation is a cost-effective alternative to the lengthy court process and costly trial. Divorce mediation is a process that allows a separating or divorcing couple to meet with specially trained neutral professionals to help them dissolve their marriage with ease…Read More

How Does The Process Work And What Are the Costs Of A Collaborative Mediated Divorce?

Contrary to the more cost-efficient mediation approach, a simple divorce involving custody issues can run over $13,000 per party. Often, more money is spent on expert witnesses and custody evaluators, money which could be invested in important educational and self-improvement endeavors or saved for future needs. Sadly, such approach does not teach or model any conflict resolution skills for the participants, but instead encourages attorneys to speak for the parties rather than speaking with respect to each other themselves…Read More

Is A Mediation Solution To Your Divorce Right For You?

There is a better path forward through divorce in place of high conflict and often expensive litigation which causes financial devastation and emotional harm to all family members. It is the path of peaceful conflict resolution which both parties agree to participate in by working with, rather than against, each other…Read More

How Can We As A Couple Learn More And Meet The Team?

In your first meeting with our team, we will discuss the process in detail, answer your questions, and provide you with a detailed packet of information which discusses our team approach and the steps in the process which will allow your to divorce with respect. Through education and discussion, along with team meetings, you will receive guidance by experts in mediation, financial division of assets, and address legal questions divorcing couples have…Read More