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Evening The Odds For Property Owners

If you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner and you are unhappy with the design or construction of your home or building, Anderson Bradley Krant can help you. We can evaluate whether you may have a remedy in the courts or through other avenues against the designers, contractors, or developers of the building.

Susan Bradley Krant has many years of experience handling construction defect litigation on behalf of building owners, design professionals, contractors, and developers. She can help you determine the best course of action given your particular needs. She can look to the merits of your circumstances and share her balanced perspective, given her experience representing various construction participants.

Susan Bradley Krant is well-versed in handling these often complex cases through utilizing mediation, arbitration, or other informal settlement strategy. She will help contain costs when possible and attempt to achieve early resolution where each side has shown an interest in avoiding the expense and headache of formal litigation. If litigation in the courts is required, she can advise you and represent your interests through this process as well.

Anderson Bradley Krant can work with you to establish a legal fee arrangement which fits your needs, whether it be through a fixed-fee agreement, a contingency arrangement, or mixed hourly and contingency fee payment plan. We are willing to discuss with you creative approaches to funding your legal needs. Please call us if you feel we can be of help. The initial consultation is free for new clients.