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A Word About Our Fees

It is not possible for ABK to set in advance the fees for all matters we may handle on behalf of our clients, because each matter is unique. However, we know that clients are very interested in finding out what they can anticipate in terms of fees, so that they can plan ahead. If we are retained, we will walk you through a range of expected fees and present payment options; we will also discuss the timing of certain milestones involving fees and costs in your legal matter. We hope to do this within one week of retention whenever possible. On some matters, we can negotiate a fixed fee for our services provided we are given accurate information on the complexity of your situation requiring legal assistance.

Legal fees are a concern for our clients, and they are a concern for us. We want you to feel you have received value for the thoughtful legal services we provide. We can work out a payment plan in some instances if you require immediate assistance. We also accept payments by credit card. In addition, we provide a 5% discount to supporters of the Ashland Schools Foundation for yearly contributions in excess of $200.00. Some services can be provided on a fixed fee basis. Other cases may require standard hourly billing rates, ranging between $250 and $275 per hour depending upon the legal needs presented. We typically invoice on a monthly cycle.

After many years in practice, we have concluded that reliable clients deserve reward. Therefore, for matters we handle on your behalf in which you have provided a retainer and establish a track record of paying your bills on time, we will provide a negotiated discount to say "thank you" for being so reliable and helping our business thrive by keeping your payments current.

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