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Jackson County, Oregon, Litigation Attorneys

If you are involved at any stage of litigation, we are ready to put our more than 40 years of combined experience to help you reach an ideal resolution through trial, arbitration, mediation or settlement.

Because litigation is a core focus for our firm, we are able to expertly handle every phase of litigation: pre-discovery, defense and going through court.

Our experience in employment litigation, construction law and commercial disputes in business litigation allows us to help clients ideally resolve issues involving:

Medford Employment Litigation Attorneys

  • Employment contract disputes
  • Employment disputes
    • Sexual harassment
    • Wrongful termination
    • Unpaid minimum and overtime wages
    • Discrimination based on protected classes, including:
      • Sex
      • Religion
      • Race
      • Age
      • Disability
  • We have also represented whistleblowers who have suffered retaliation for speaking out.

Medford Construction Defects and Business Litigation Attorneys

  • Business owner and operator disputes
  • Noncompetition and shareholder disputes
  • Provisions of contracts which may lead to a commercial dispute
  • Defend and Prosecute¬†construction defect and complex litigation
  • Real Property Litigation

As lawyers, we are willing to work with you to streamline your participation so that you can continue focusing on your business priorities. We welcome input and participation in this matter because we believe that the best results are achieved when clients receive a clear explanation. When clients fully understand their issues, we are able to work together to define goals and reach them efficiently and effectively.

To schedule an initial consultation to discuss any legal issue, including employment litigation, with one of our Jackson County, Oregon, litigation attorneys, call 541-488-1225 or email the firm.

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